Friday, January 16, 2009

Reviews (books & films)

Profiting from the Occupation - Corporate complicity in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people
War On Want have produced an excellent report which examines corporate involvement in the military occupation of Palestine. It focuses in particular on the three sectors of construction, retail and transport, including well-known names as Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury, Argos and Selfridges. As well as providing information on the activities of these companies, the report calls on all readers to take action to bring them to account. The full report can be accessed at:

Road Map to Nowhere: Israel/Palestine Since 2003 - Eric Hazan interviews Tanya Reinhart about her new book. Synopsis: Based on analysis of information in the mainstream Israeli media, the book argues that the current road map has brought no real progress and that, under cover of diplomatic successes, Israel is using the road map to strengthen its grip on the remaining occupied territories. Exploring the Gaza pullout of 2005, the West Bank wall and the collapse of Israeli democracy, Reinhart examines the gap between myth - the Israeli leadership's public affairs achievement that has led the West to believe that a road map is in fact being implemented - and bitter reality. Not only has nothing fundamentally changed, she argues, but the Palestinians continue to lose more of their land and are pushed into smaller and smaller enclaves, surrounded by the new wall constructed by Sharon. Read Eric’s interview with Tanya at: at: ISBN: 1844670767, Publisher: Verso

Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History by Norman G. Finkelstein. Book review by Mike Marquesse.
When celebrity trial lawyer and Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz published ‘The Case for Israel’ in 2003, it was acclaimed by leading US opinion-makers, including The New York Times and Boston Globe, and quickly became a best seller. Yet the book is, as Norman Finkelstein comprehensively demonstrates, “among the most spectacular frauds ever published on the Israel-Palestine conflict”, a remarkably shabby piece of work whose major contentions are clearly contradicted by the documentary record. Full review at:

Private (film review)
Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories makes headlines almost every day - but its occupation of individual homes is less well known. That may change with the release of a new film, Private, which dramatises just such an event, starring the Palestinian actor-director Mohammad Bakri. To read a review of the film, go to: