Sunday, November 21, 2010

November events

Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign is always happy to work with others working for the cause,

Ron Proser's visit to the Oxford Union on Wednesday 16th November was cancelled. Students had planned is a demo outside at 7.45pm
He is now coming on Wednesday 24th, 8PM at the union. and it's on ''Security in the shadow of extremism: Regional dynamics and Israel's search for peace.'' I am told that only Jewish members of the Union will be let in, on invitation only. But the students are planning a big demo on human rights. I will circulate more details as I get them.

Oxford Ramallah Friendship Association
We have agreed to change the next ORFA planning meeting from Tuesday 16th
October to Tuesday 23rd November. The meeting will start at 7 pm.
The change is due to a clash on the 16th with a large public meeting at the Town
Hall re Cuts at 7.30 which many of the ORFA group would like to attend.

Saturday 11 December Oxford Green Fair, to be held in the town hall Oxford on 11th December 2010. PSC will have a stall.

Saturday street stall: The OPSC Saturday street stall on Cornmarket street is one of the main ways we use for raising the issue of Palestine with the public at large. It is an important activity for offering information leaflets to the public, inviting them to join PSC or leave their email for Oxford PSC updates. Generally we are there 11:30 to 13:30. Always a minimum of two people on shift. Please consider volunteering for a shift: its an opportunity to meet other PSC members, those wanting information and occasionally those wishing to challenge our views, even volunteering for one shift a year would help. Please email ali at if you're able to help.

PS ... If you can only do an hour or so, then that’s good too, email us for information and turn up on the day.

Just before the summer recess, Ken Clarke announced that the government would be bringing forward proposals to restrict the ability to arrest those suspected of war crimes, but the government has not yet released a timescale for these attacks.
PSC and other NGO's are calling for ‘no change' in the law. The current law fully complies with the Geneva convention and the proposed changed will allow politicians to interfere with requests to issue arrest warrants for war criminals.
There are two things you can do:
1. Check if your MP has signed EDM 108 Law and Human Rights - if not, ask them to*
2. Arrange a meeting with your MP in your constituency at their next surgery in October- find out who your MP is and how to contact them via: (Look out for a briefing paper on our website next week).
*note: convention means ministers do not sign EDM's. More information will be found on the PSC website


I am delighted to be able to invite you to an exceptional event in Oxford.

Ronnie Kasrils is a hero of the liberation struggle in South Africa. the ANC) in Angola during much of this time.
However, this event is not about Ronnie, but about his wife, Eleanor, the ‘unlikely secret agent’. The victory over apartheid was not won solely by the leaders of the movement but by the underground struggle of countless like Eleanor.
The book is a work of love and a dedication to all those ‘little people’ who played such a major role in defeating apartheid.

Seminars at the Middle East Centre : All welcome

‘A Life in the PLO: Shafiq al-Hout’:
Panel discussion with Bayan al-Hout, Karma Nabulsi, Avi Shlaim, and Eugene Rogan
To coincide with the launch of the translation of the memoirs of Shafiq al-Hout (Pluto Press, 2010) On Monday 29 November at 5 p.m. Location: The Middle East Centre 68 Woodstock Road, Oxford: All welcome.

Upcoming Events: UK/International

Please help campaign for Palestine by lobbying your MP as part of our Annual Lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 24th November from 2-6pm.
It is more important than ever that we lobby as many MPs as possible. There are 232 newly elected MPs (35.5% of the new Parliament) and it is vital that we make sure they understand how important this issue is. If you’ve talked to your MP before, then this is a chance to press them further.
Moreover, the situation in occupied Palestine becomes daily more urgent and desperate, even as international support grows. This year we want you to ask your MP to:
· Call for an immediate end to the siege on Gaza
· Oppose Government proposed changes to the laws on Universal Jurisdiction
· Support the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement until Israel ends its illegal occupation
What you should do now:

1. contact your MP now asking for a meeting at the House of Commons using our email tool.
2. Make sure you have booked the day off on Wednesday 24th November
3. Once you’ve let your MP know that you are going to lobby them make sure you email:
We will be at the Commons on 24th November to provide you with help and support for the meeting with your MP. More information is available at:
Yours in solidarity,
Sarah Colborne
Director of Campaigns

To find out when others from Oxford are meeting Andrew Smith email

promoting twinning and friendship links
on SATURDAY 27th NOVEMBER - Hope to see you there. I am going, anybody want to go with me, Tony


The Holocaust survivor whose life is in danger again In the Israeli city of Safed, an 89-year-old man has been accused of treachery for welcoming Arab students. Catrina Stewart reports
Bil'in marks the 6th anniversary of Arafat's death Today's demonstration in Bil'in was joined by a large number of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals. Members of the Fatah party were also present.The protesters walked together towards the Apartheid Wall, carrying posters of Yasser Arafat, in commemoration of the Fatah leader who passed away six years ago. Speeches were held by members of the Fatah movement, while Israeli soldiers were preparing to attack the peaceful demonstrators in the background.

Valleys of Hope and Despair: The battle over access to clean water sources is ongoing across the West Bank, with illegal Israeli settlements frequently blocking access and polluting Palestinian farmers' irrigation. A film.