Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Activities

National Week of Boycott Action - Remember Gaza
To mark one year after tyhe attackes on Gaza and to highlight the ongoing devastating siege on Gaza, PSC is calling for a week of boycott actions from the 9th to the 17th of January 2010, with a focus on Waitrose and Tesco supermarkets. We would therefore call on all our members, branches and supporters around the UK to organise boycott actions and events in solidarity with Palestine and the people in Gaza. Contact the PSC for more info and for literature etc..

Upcoming Events: Local
We have an excellent video (about 30 minutes long) called "Bethlehem, hidden from view" put together by Garth Hewitt of the Amos Trust. If you can arrange a showing in your local church it would be really good. We have a few copies, so would be able to lend you one.Let me know (and if you'd also like one of us to come to the showing we'd be glad to do that) My e-mail is pamela.parsons@ntlworld.comthanks Pam

'Children of Gaza Under Fire' Exhibition
The Gallery, Oxford Town Hall, Tuesday 19-Sunday 31 January
Dr Swee Ang, founder of Medical Aid for Palestine, and a most inspirational speaker, presenting “The wounds of Palestine ”Tuesday 19th Jan, 7:30.

Saturday street stall: (notice from Seyda) Could people please contact me on my home number 01865 880344 mobile7983334322 or e-mail me Please let me know what you can do even if it means an hour slot which is fine too. Volunteers needed 11.30 – 1.30. This is one of the main ways we raise the issue of Palestine with the public at large. It takes a couple of hours (plus a bit each side to collect and return the materials). Two people at all times means you always have backup. If each supporter did one Saturday a month we would be covered.

Oxford Amnesty Lectures will include Karma Nabulsi, Lecturer in International Relations, Oxford, and former PLO Representative. That the General Will is Indestructible: From a Citizen of Geneva to the Citizens of Gaza: Wednesday 17 February 2010 . Lectures start at 5.30pm in the Hall, Taylor Institution Library, St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3NA Tickets will be on sale from December 2009. Upcoming Events: UK/International

One year on from the beginning of the Israeli war on Gaza: Protest Outside the Israeli Embassy: End the Siege on Gaza: Sunday 27 December 3pm:High Street Kensington, Called by PSC, BMI, CND and STW:Supported by: Amos Trust, Friends of Al Aqsa, Friends of Lebanon, Greater London UNISON, Jewish Socialists' Group, Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East, Palestinian Return Centre, The Peace Cycle. Several of us will be travelling up from Gloucester Green that day : We're suggesting that we assemble at Gloucester Green on the 27th to catch the coach at 12.30 as the demo is scheduled for 3pm and we needto allow time to reach the embassy at the other end.